Putting Jesus in His Place

Robert M. Bowman Jr. & J. Ed Komoszewski

What Christians have affirmed for nearly two millennia (that Jesus is God) is frequently and openly called into question today. It’s natural that those who reject the Bible also reject its exalted view of Christ. But surprisingly, many who embrace the authority of Scripture are quick to argue that Jesus’ deity is found nowhere in its pages.

Putting Jesus in His Place demonstrates that the New Testament–from beginning to end–clearly reveals Jesus’ divine identity. What’s more, it shows that belief in Jesus as God was the conviction of his original Jewish followers, rooted in Old Testament theology and in what Jesus himself said and did.

In a manner that is both academically sound and spiritually engaging, the authors make a case for the deity of Christ that is easy to follow and hard to forget.

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The Attributes of God (Part 1)

  • Read: Biblical Doctrine, The Attributes (Perfections) of God (pp. 160-179)
  • Scripture Memory: Psalm 145:3
  • Biblical Knowledge Content: 2 Thessalonians – Titus

The One True God (Part 3)

  • Read: Biblical Doctrine, The Trinity (pp. 189-210)
  • Scripture Memory: Matthew 28:19
  • Biblical Knowledge Content: Romans

Quiz posted Monday, May 1st.


  • Read: Biblical Doctrine, Divine Providence (pp. 218 – 231)
  • Scripture Memory: Job 42:2
  • Biblical Knowledge Content: Acts

The One True God (Part 2)

  • Read: Biblical Doctrine, The Names of God (pp. 154-160)
  • Biblical Knowledge Content: John

Quiz posted Monday, April 10th.

The One True God (Part 1)

  • Read: Biblical Doctrine, The Existence of God (pp. 143 – 154)
  • Scripture Memory: Isaiah 45:5
  • Biblical Knowledge Content: Mark – Luke

Quiz posted Monday, April 3rd.


  • Read: Biblical Doctrine, Creation (pp. 213 – 216)
  • Read: Begin reading The Attributes of God
  • Scripture Memory: Gen. 1:1
  • Biblical Knowledge Content: Matthew

Basic Bible Knowledge

Countryside Bible Church

This downloadable packet contains general information about each book of the Bible. You can use this as a study aid during the Old and New Testament Surveys in Sections 1 and 2. In addition, we have published flashcard decks for the Flashcards Deluxe app. This app is available for a small cost in the iTunes App Store, or Google Play Store. This is an optional tool that you may find helpful.

If you have never used Flashcards Deluxe, here is a demo video to help you get started.

Be Anchored

Be Anchored

As Christians, we are to be anchored in the knowledge of God’s Word; confident in its truth, and committed to maturing in our relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ. Anchored is a multi-year sermon series equipping Christians to pursue this calling. This sermon series examines both systematic and biblical theology and also provides a framework for expanded study. If you choose, you can complete additional reading assignments, memorize Scripture and biblical knowledge, and test your knowledge with online quizzes.

You can access audio and video recordings of each lesson here on this page. In addition, for those who choose to expand their study, each section has its own page where you can view required resources, upcoming assignments, and take online quizzes.

Anchored is taught at Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, TX by Pastors Tom Pennington, and Rocky Wyatt.

Tom Pennington

Countryside Bible Church

Rocky Wyatt

Senior Associate Pastor
Countryside Bible Church

Rocky Wyatt

Rocky came to Countryside in May of 1994, when he began serving as Youth Pastor in our Junior High and High School ministries, as well as providing oversight to the College and Career Ministry. In 2004 he became Associate Pastor, with continuing involvement in the Youth and College ministries, as well as ministering in various other areas of shepherding and congregational care. In his current role as Senior Associate Pastor, Rocky provides oversight and encouragement to the staff and ministries of Countryside.

Prior to coming to Countryside, Rocky served in churches in Colorado and California. Rocky is married to Pamela, and has two grown children and nine grandchildren: Curtis and Annie Wyatt and children, Peter, Alice, Emma and Austin, and Jacob & Candace Wyatt and children, Caleb, Joshua, Lydia, Titus and Jubilee. Rocky is also on the board of the organization XL Ministries that promotes internship programs in local churches for the purpose of training men to become pastors.

Tom Pennington

Tom Pennington has served as Pastor-Teacher at Countryside Bible Church since October 2003. Prior to arriving in Texas, he served 16 years at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, including as an elder. He spent his last four years there as Senior Associate Pastor and as personal assistant to John MacArthur. Prior to that, he served as Managing Director of Grace to You.

Tom completed his B.A. and M.A. at Bob Jones University and served as a member of the faculty while taking additional Ph.D. classes in New Testament Interpretation. In 2013, he received an honorary Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) from The Master’s College.

Tom’s role at Countryside includes teaching during the Sunday services, overseeing the church staff, and working with the rest of the elders to provide leadership to the entire church. In addition to his role as Pastor-Teacher, he is actively involved internationally in training pastors in expository preaching. Tom and his wife, Sheila, have three children, Lauren, Katie, and Jessica.

Old Testament: The Exile and Return

  • Scripture Memory: Jeremiah 15:16
  • Biblical Knowledge Content: Nahum – Malachi

Quiz posted Monday, March 20th

Comprehensive Final Quiz (Genesis – Malachi) posted Monday, Mar 27